Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mother of the Year

We are on such a schedule with Alli's snacks and meals which takes the fun out of everything, it seems. We're always counting carbs and performing math equations that I know that will become 2nd nature soon. The most important tools, aside from her obvious Diabetes supplies are a calculator and the internet (you can imagine how much more I'm loving my DROID right now, can't you?)

Last night we attended a party at our friends' houses next door. It was a birthday party for Jeff, Gracie's (Alli's new-found BFF) dad's 40th. I was feeling full of anxiety because this was the first event we would attend since Alli's diagnosis. We ended up being late to the party because I wanted to make sure that Alli had a meal in her belly before going and exerting herself running and playing, however that failed. She kept finding excuses about her pizza and why she didn't want to eat it. I tested her sugar, and she was actually in the mid 200's (which has been typical this week) so I didn't really worry too much about her hitting a low. So, no dinner for her...and anyone with children knows you CAN'T FORCE a three year old to eat, so what's a mother to do?

I knew there would be the impending birthday cake because after all, what's a birthday party without cake? Alli can eat cake, but she has to take insulin afterward. But, without dinner and the clock ticking, it became more apparent that the cupcake may just be her dinner! A Diabetic eating a cupcake for dinner?? It happened. Does that qualify me as Mother of the Year? Alli thought I was. :)

Going to the party was the first glimpse of 'normal' that we've seen in a week. The fact that we were able to hang out with our friends and enjoy ourselves was a wonderful oasis in place of all the emotions that we've been through recently. We even got to meet Jeff's sister who has a little girl, Gabbie (now 10 years old), and has lived through all of this, too. It was refreshing to see for myself that things WILL be OK!

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