Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strength in Numbers

Yep, that's the saying, and always been one of my favorites, "There is strength in numbers." How true. We had a very successful day today--Alli's first day at her babysitter's. She must have been a little worried as I was, not that Ashley couldn't handle it, but more of how Alli would feel. Today was the first day she was away from us since all of this happened. She was a little emotional this morning, but I was able to talk her down much of the time and I tried to make our morning just like all the mornings before so she could understand that even though some things have been added to our routine, it really remains the same. I tell you, though--there's nothing like getting a kid to eat, giving an insulin shot and making sure you have all the necessities for her day. I prayed on the way to work that I didn't leave something detrimental on the counter and even checked her bag twice while waiting at the traffic lights just to make sure I had everything.

The ride was normal, though Alli was pretty quiet. She kept telling me that she didn't want me to go to work. I didn't want to go either. Believe me, I have thoroughly enjoyed being home and being there for my baby these past few days. I think I even felt more anxiety with leaving her then I did when she was 3 months old! I think I feel this way because I just never know what's going to happen from one minute to the next. Ashley handled it ALL like a pro, though. Alli cried a little when we got there, but I brought her "special blankie" in from the's a blanket that she uses to cover up with in the Winter, and she plopped on Ashley's couch with a quick recovery. I know it's hard for her.

We were also honored with a visit from some volunteers from the JDRF tonight. Alli was super excited because they brought her "Rufus the Bear with Diabetes". He has patches on all the areas where he gets his shots, and hearts on his paws where he gets his blood sugar tested. He has a medical ID bracelet and is the cutest thing. Alli took him to bed with her tonight, and I hope that she can tell all her Diabetes secrets to him when she's feeling down (if she doesn't want to tell us). Meeting Pat and Lori was great. They had a lot of information that helped us feel more comfortable with the future. It was wonderful to see that they were two active, successful people living a fulfilled life.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with my boss to talk about some possible options with regard to my schedule at work. I hope all goes well, but I think it will. Everyone from everywhere has been so helpful. In fact, I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed in returning phone calls, so if I haven't gotten back with you--I haven't forgotten you! It's just that I want TIME to talk, and that still isn't in the plenty yet, but forthcoming!

Thank you ALL for everything. You're the best. :)

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  1. =) It sounds like things are starting to settle in for all of you! Soon it will be second nature to all of you. I can not say it enough that you are surrounded by love and kindness through and through becuase that is what has always flowed from you. I hope the talk with the boss went well and things continue to work out well for you!